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Many years of hurt, from football to FTSE!

On the day that I sat down to write this article it was exactly 20 years since England played their first match in the Euro 96 football tournament, which was a rather inauspicious 1-1 draw against Switzerland. The memories of this tournament are fresh in my mind having seen two documentaries about it aired on […]

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Running for the Brexit

My advice on the differing views emanating from interested parties (Vote Leave, Remain, Bank of England, IMF, ECB etc.) on the likely effect on UK economic and individual prosperity, as we approach voting day is – believe no-one! Unfortunately, both sides of the ˜Brexit debate have stretched their credibility more than a little with ˜facts […]

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Yen Flies, Dollar Dives

One of the intended consequences of a country adopting a Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) is a sharply lower domestic currency, which usually is considered a positive as it stimulates a regions growth and inflation expectations. So when, in late January, Bank of Japan (BoJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda shocked the markets by introducing negative rates […]

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Thats LISA with a P!

Leading up to the Budget there were endless articles, commentary and sometimes heated debate over the Chancellors intentions with regard to pensions and in particular tax relief. On the day though, there was hardly a mention of the ˜P word other than some much needed amendments to badly drafted sections of the last Pensions Act. […]