The intergenerational wealth transfer – how to plan for it

There comes a time in our lives when we turn our thoughts to what we want to leave behind for our loved ones. The Kings Court Trust estimates that more than £5 trillion will be passed down over the next 20-30 years. Unfortunately, HMRC can become the largest benefactor. In 2019/20, HMRC collected over £5.2 […]

We are committed to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter

Although we do our best to avoid it, any of us can find ourselves being in a vulnerable position at some point in our lives. At Cave & Sons, we understand the responsibility we have to understand the wider issues of vulnerability, and are committed to adopting our best practices to better support vulnerable people […]

Budget 2021 – What it means for your investments and pensions

Businesses and individuals alike watched with bated breath to hear what Chancellor Rishi Sunak would announce to a) assist with the UK’s recovery and b) to reign in the ever-increasing debt as a result of the Government’s response to Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst I will not comment on the appropriateness of the announcements made in the […]

What do you do with shares when somebody dies?

Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult time. When mourning somebody close to you, it can be difficult to begin considering the complex process of administering a deceased’s estate, yet the task of doing so is vitally important. Cave & Sons can support you in this difficult time by helping you to navigate through […]

Cave’s Quarterly – Q2 2020

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Cave’s Quarterly – Q1 2020

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A 3D image of a virus

Coronavirus Financial Aid: What the Government Has Promised So Far

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic currently gripping the world’s attention, we are living in truly unprecedented times. Individuals are rightly concerned, not only about the health of themselves and their loved ones, but about the economic impacts that the virus will have. In wake of this crisis, the government has outlined several measures to support […]

An image of the House of Commons were the Budget is due to take place.

3 Predictions for the 2020 Budget

What is The Budget? The Budget, also known as the Financial Statement, is an annual event in which the government lays out their financial plans. This year’s Budget was originally planned for 11th March, but given Sajid Javid’s recent resignation and the appointment of Rishi Sunak as new chancellor, the Budget could be delayed. Nevertheless, […]

An image of a jar containing money beside 3 stacks of coins sprouting leaves.

Savings vs Investments: What Is Best For Me?

One important decision that many people will take is whether to save or invest their hard-earned money. The correct decision for you will depend on several factors including current assets, goals and age. In this short article, Cave & Sons will give you a brief guide to both saving and investing, allowing you to better […]

Cave’s Quarterly – Q4 2019 Round-Up

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