Investment Management

Designed for those investors who have neither the time, nor the inclination, to manage their portfolio themselves. The Discretionary service is our premium level of care for discerning investors.

We will use our comprehensive portfolio construction and investment management selection process to determine and build a portfolio designed to suit your individual requirements. Once established, we will carefully monitor and amend your constituent holdings as necessary to ensure that your portfolio continues to meet your objectives and requirements on an ongoing basis.

Discretionary Management

Although we make all of the decisions for you, you remain informed at all times regarding any changes to your portfolio through the issue of contract notes every time we trade and on the end of the phone or in person for any queries you may have.

We are also able to provide clients with on-line access so they can view their portfolio whenever they like, at home or abroad.

Although we make all of the decisions for you, you remain informed at all times regarding any changes to your portfolio.

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Advisory Management

Intended for those investors who would like to retain some control over their investments, but who value the assistance and help of a professional investment manager.

We will undertake the same detailed portfolio construction and investment selection process as with the Discretionary service, but will seek your prior approval before it is implemented. This gives you the opportunity to influence decisions and provides some scope to fine-tune strategy.

Thereafter, you will receive regular advice and recommendations, as well as periodic valuation reports and comments on the changing profile and performance of the portfolio. We will actively monitor your portfolios constituent holdings. If there is a significant development, such as a take-over approach or ˜rights issue, we will contact you and discuss your options, offering our advice on the best course of action.

Investments may fall as well as rise, you may not get back what you put in